Elgas used AR to help it’s customer to find the safety exclusion zone

X-Zone LPG is a FREE augmented reality app that creates and inserts a digital gas bottle image in the real life location you choose and then shows the safety exclusion zones around the digital bottle.

It can also deal with an existing installation, where the gas bottles are already in place. It can create 45kg (one or two), 90kg, 210kg cylinders and small bullets, as well.

It then superimposes either a red tinted cone, for ignition exclusion zone, or a red tinted cylinder, for the wall/ground openings exclusion zone (see accompanying image).

The app can also capture and send the created images to Elgas.

Elgas latest app, X-Zone LPG®, is now available for downloading on the Australian Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. And it’s FREE.

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