IMPULSE:The DOOH network creating more than just convenience for advertisers

After significant investment made into the channel, QMS is offering advertisers a more flexible and accountable platform to reach Australians through the revitalistion of the 7-Eleven digital network, now known as IMPULSE.

AdNews sat down with QMS chief customer officer Mark Fairhurst to discuss how the network has been updated and what IMPULSE can provide for brands across Australia.

How does the new IMPULSE offering differ to the previous? What prompted the update?
When we took over only six months ago, it was an incomplete digital network, predominantly sold as pure proximity or path to purchase offering relying on outdated technology. Given the scale of the network and calibre of the 7-Eleven stores, we knew that our proven digital expertise presented the perfect opportunity to quickly transform this portfolio into a quality, flexible and engaging media solution that could create real brand awareness and drive immediate action across a range of product categories.

Undertaking a significant investment in upgrading the digital infrastructure, back end systems and simplifying the overall offering, IMPULSE is now a full-motion, dynamic, and accountable digital platform that has already started delivering some powerful results for clients.

The upgrade has also enabled us to enter into a test and learn phase with programmatic DOOH, as the revitalized network’s capability makes IMPULSE a prime candidate for programmatic buying.

What sets it apart from what is out on offer in-market with competitors at the moment?
Accountability and audience measurement. IMPULSE is the only DOOH offering in the petro/convenience category that is included in the industry audience measurement system, MOVE, giving advertisers assurance of its ability to reach their desired target audiences.
Impacting over nine million contacts every fortnight, IMPULSE is proven as a cost-efficient small format opportunity to drive brand awareness and brand building across a range of categories and products.

How does the shift towards 100% digital benefit brands?
QMS has been a digitally led business from the beginning. We have long subscribed to the power of DOOH to provide advertisers and brands with a platform for relevant, flexible and immediate messaging and IMPULSE is no exception.

Not only does IMPULSE deliver all the dynamic ad serving capabilities of live feeds, dayparting, countdown and data triggers, it is a 100% full motion digital network, enabling brands to align easily with their TVC creative and control their campaign conditions like never before.

This improved flexibility allows for the optimisation of creative messaging, campaign start dates and creative changes and provides brands with a creative outlet that is simple, immediate, adaptable and in full motion.

Do you have any examples of how brands have used these capabilities in recent campaigns?
A couple spring to mind, and they are probably not the product categories you would expect to find on a petro/convenience network. However, given the mass broadcast reach of IMPULSE and the frequency of visitation at 7-Eleven stores these brands tapped into the ability to drive action and awareness within local communities.

The first example is automotive retailer Autobarn, who recently utilised the full motion and dynamic capabilities of IMPULSE to drive awareness of key products in the lead up to Father’s Day. Using engaging full-motion video to highlight various products and having the flexibility to dynamically adjust the catalog creative to reflect current pricing or specials, Autobarn ensured absolute relevancy of their messaging throughout the campaign.

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