Sydney petrol prices expected to increase soon

Sydney petrol prices are approaching their cheapest point before an expected spike.

NRMA advises drivers to take the opportunity to fill up their tanks while the affordable prices last.

“Fill up as soon as you can,” urged Peter Khoury, head of media with NRMA. “We don’t know, the price may fall another cent or so in Sydney, but it’s going to go up soon.”

The average price right now in Sydney is 107.4 cents per litre compared with the previous high of 137.7 cents per litre on August 31. The NRMA says he prices tend to fall slowly, but once they start to increase, they spike hard and fast.

“You’d be taking a bet as to how much longer into the week it will last,” Mr. Khoury said, referring to the low prices.

Prices are expected to start rising again by the October long weekend.

Across regional NSW, prices have remained stable in recent weeks, with motorists in Muswellbrook, Orange, Nowra and Tamworth enjoying the cheapest petrol.


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