Eucla Caltex shuts down diesel bowsers over contamination fears following reported breakdowns

A remote WA fuel station has shut off all diesel browsers over contamination concerns after motorists reported breakdowns following pit stops at the Eucla Caltex.

Dozens of cars have reportedly been affected, many of which were travelling along the Nullabor where there are only a handful of outback roadhouses.

Consumer Protection WA have called for motorists to lodge official reports with the regulator, with fears dozens more vehicles could have been impacted.

The fuel arrived to Eucla during a regular delivery out of Ampol’s Esperance-based distribution centre on March 31, according to a company spokeswoman.

The Eucla station has sent a fuel sample back to the Esperance centre for testing and results are expected to take at least a week.

“Regular testing is undertaken on all product delivered from our depot sites and there have been no issues with deliveries to other retail sites across the region,” the Ampol spokeswoman said.

“We will continue to support the local owner with their investigation and response to impacted customers.”

The Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, which regulates fuel quality in Australia, have confirmed they’re “investigating” whether there has been a breach of the Fuel Quality Standards Act.

So far, no complaints have been reported to the department.

To the east, diesel motorists can get fuel 12.5km away with Shell’s station at Border Village Roadhouse or 66km to the west at the Mundrabilla Roadhouse.

Both of which have reported normal supplies of fuel.

Staff at Mundrabilla Roadhouse told The West they had been helping travellers arriving at their fuel station and reporting vehicle issues throughout Tuesday.

“We’ve had a couple of travellers in here, they thought their vehicles were playing up,” she said.

“Calling in to towies and mechanics they worked out they all got diesel at Eucla, so obviously the same issue.”

She said the nearest WA mechanic was based in Norsman, more than 700km from Eucla.


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