Tobacco haul seized at Qld border check

More than half a million dollars worth of “illicit tobacco” has allegedly been found inside a truck stopped as part of a police operation on Queensland’s southern border.

The semi trailer with NSW registration was stopped at a checkpoint at Coolangatta on Wednesday, where Queensland Police allegedly found a large quantity of “tobacco and tobacco related products”.

Moving illicit substances into Queensland has taken on a further element of risk now every vehicle is being stopped to ensure they comply with heavy border restrictions.

Police estimate the haul’s value at $600,000. A 59-year-old man has been questioned with investigations continuing.

Illicit tobacco is an attractive market for organised crime syndicates, Detective Acting Inspector Ian Galpin said.

“As well as funding organised crime syndicates, the avoidance of tobacco duty means the community misses out on revenue that contributes to infrastructure and other services such as health,” he said in a statement on Thursday.

“We have ramped up our border compliance measures and are intercepting every vehicle to ensure they are complying with the CHO’s border restrictions direction.”



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