Backflow prevention

Backflow prevention

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What is Backflow prevention ?

All connections to your city water and recycled water pipes must be protected with backflow prevention containment devices. This includes fire service connections. as a PCBU every year you should hire a accredited plumber to test your device and issue a certificate. Under the regulations not being comply with backflow prevention requirement might cost you up to $5000 penalty.

Similar to other inspection report, backflow prevention inspection report is also available on “Inspection History” menu.

What is backflow ?

Backflow occurs when water from a  property flows backwards into public water pipes. This may carry contaminants that can harm people’s health.

Backflow is more likely to occur if:

  • there’s a drop in pressure in the main, eg during a main break
  • water pressure at the property is higher than at the main, eg if a pump is operating on the site.

Contaminants may enter the drinking water system through a cross connection caused by:

  • faulty plumbing
  • hoses submerged in buckets, tanks or pools.

Property owners are responsible for getting the right kind of backflow device installed.

If you’re the property owner, you must ensure that:

  • you have the right kind of backflow prevention device installed at your property
  • the device is properly maintained.

Who can fit your device ?

You must use accredited backflow plumbers and licensed plumbers.

An accredited backflow plumber must assess your site’s hazard rating and test your backflow device.

How to lodge your backflow protection report on MyServo ?

If you can’t find a license plumber please feel fee to contact us to arrange a accredited plumber on discounted rate for you ASAP, once you have received your backflow report please login to MyServo and click on “Inspection” Menu, then select “BACKFLOW PEREVENTION” and then click “Add” to and upload your report.

backflow perevention on MyServo

How to access to your backflow protection report on MyServo ?

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