How to draft a service station site plan ?

How to draft a service station site plan ?

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As per EPA NSW, Workplaces with hazardous chemicals, such as fuel, must have site plans which meet the WHS and UPSS Regulation requirements. These plans are used by emergency services in an emergency and provide the location of above and below ground infrastructure for use by operators.
The following documents provide details of legislative site plan requirements:

• The UPSS Guidelines contain a list of what must be included on a site plan under the UPSS Regulation.

• The Hazardous chemical manifest technical note from Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) has a list of site plan requirements which forms part of your hazardous chemicals manifest.

• The SafeWork NSW Guidance material – Notifications for Schedule 11 hazardous chemicals and abandoned tanks contains an example manifest site plan.

All operational sites with fuel storage must meet all of these requirements.
This is an example site plan. For large and complex sites, the plans can be split into above and below ground infrastructure
(see overleaf).


or you can provide your site plan as below.

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