How to register for Groundwater Monitoring inspection

How to register for Groundwater Monitoring inspection

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Under Clause 21(1a) of the UPSS Regulation/2008 it’s require the groundwater in each monitoring well to be tested for the presence of hydrocarbons every six months, also a copy of test records must be kept for at least seven years after the date the tests occurred. If it is determined that there are free-phase hydrocarbons on the site or it is likely that offsite migration of hydrocarbons is occurring or has occurred, the appropriate regulatory authority (ARA) must be notified using the UPSS Regulation leak notification form and all necessary corrective action should be taken to identify and remove the source (stop the leak or spill) and remediate both soil and groundwater as necessary. The early detection of leaks is likely to reduce the cost of remediation significantly.

In order to register for groundwater monitoring test, first you need to register and login to MyServo platform, click here to see how you can register your business.

If you already registered please login as usual.

Then from the Task menu(1) click on 1st 6 monthly tasks(2).

in this step you can use MyServo competent inspector to get the discounted rate or choose to use your own inspector, if you already done this test less than 6 month ago please choose the second option and upload all document include test result.


Please be inform that if you choose to use your own preferred inspector, while normally is much more expensive to hire an inspector and pay the call-out fee and auditor’s travel cost, you need to make sure using a competent environmental auditor and not to mention to accepting all responsibility and liability of all possible false or misleading report of your preferred auditor, however you still can record all relevant documents in MyServo platform free of extra charge. in below form you need to provide them to be record in system.

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