What is an Emergency Manifest Red Box ?

What is an Emergency Manifest Red Box ?

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Emergency information manifest box which also called as HAZMAT Box or red box should be available to access for emergency services and should locked and accessible with fire bridge key ( 003 key ) it also should contain all necessary   documents include but not limited to information on the location, quantity and type of certain high risk hazardous chemicals so the emergency services can resond accordingally in an emergency.

It is crucial that the manifest is kept up-to-date at all times.

You should have use the Notification for Schedule 11 hazardous chemicals and abandoned tanks guidance material from SafeWork when preparing the manifest.

The manifest much contain information as prescribed in Schedule 12 of the WHS Reg, including

  • General information such as company name, address, contact details, safework NSW reference number and date manifest was prepared or amended.
  • List od all schedule 11 hazardous chemicals above placard quantities including identification of chemical, actual quantity, storage capacity and method of storage.
  • A site plan od the Manifest Quantity Workplace (MQW )

For the site plan of workplace you need to keep (2) A3 laminated copies of the sire plan for each manifest: the sire plan must be scaled and clearly legible to firefighters even in dimly lit conditions.

Depending on the workplace and its risks, additional information should be provided on the sire plan to assist emergency services manage an incident including:

  1. Location of buildings, amenities, structures and internal roadways.
  2. Adjacent environmentally sensitive areas and watercourses.
  3. Adjacent public streets, public areas, housing, commercial premises
  4. Site access points and restrictions to accessibility
  5. Topography of site and adjacent areas
  6. Location of emergency resources and equipment


For more information please watch below video and visit your state’s Fire service website.

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