The site operator is responsible for the UPSS, and must ensure that they have procedures and systems in place to detect and manage any leaks as early as possible and document these in an Environment Protection Plan (EPP) specific to the premises.

The EPA’s regulatory responsibility for the UPSS Regulation transfers to 129 Local Councils on 1 September 2019. The EPA has confirmed the councils auditing and inspection process will include all UPSS regulatory documentation and records associated with the utilisation of the site Environmental Protection Plan.  The regulation amendments will require all existing plans to be updated or replaced and a history of task completion and management records be made available.  Under this regulatory change the council will audit all sites and will be ensuring via improvement notifications and as appropriate fines to the service station PBCU, that the sites are compliant.

As recently presented at the dealers meeting, you as the PCBU of the service station are responsible for the development implementation and ongoing utilization of your statutory formwork.

We have developed a compliance assistance program to provide you with documentation components and a process of task management with respect to you meeting your ongoing requirements.  Our information is established relative to the statutory provisions however does not absolve you of your requirements of knowledge, activity and accountability.  The assistance program is now available to the Metro Petroleum group.  The program consists of the below elements.

  • UPSS EPP development for your site
  • NSW safework site Hazardous Chemical Manifest
  • NSW Emergency Services Information Package
  • NSW Fire and rescue lodgment form
  • Site Emergency Planning Manual
  • Site hazardous Substance Register
  • Hazardous Substance site familiarization record sheets
  • Weekly task email interaction providing the UPSS EPP task requirements for the coming week and the data records sheet.
  • Weekly email collections for electronic record keeping for each site
  • Compliance task statistics for each site and the group
  • Reminder emails for completed task records to be returned

by registering in MyServo platform you will enter to a one year contact which start from the first day of registration.

Subject to the regulation amendments all sites are required to utilize the program and complete the program registration by 12th April 2019.  The program will commence 20th May 2019.  The establishment, distribution and site correspondence for the documentation will be the immediate focus with the commencement of the record keeping and task management program immediately following.

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