Petroleum Corporate Brands

If you are franchisors who have multiple petroleum sites under your brand or ownership, under the Chain of the Responisibliy legislation this is your responsibility to ensure they are following all process, procedures and performing all regular safety and environmental tasks requested by ARAs. MyServo is a one-stop-shop for all your site’s compliance requirements.

It helps you to not only access to the most updated statutory forms, process, procedures, and generating tens of customised documents for your franchisee but also providing you with multiple management systems. Your records are securely keeping on a cloud which is accessible 24/7 from all around the world. Auditing your site’s safety and environmental compliance never been easier than using MyServo brand admin console.

This includes but not limited to (Click on each tab to expand):

Automatically generate customised Fuel System Operation Plan (FSOP) and other statutory requirements for all of your franchisees based on each sites specifications. Provide your brand’s internal procedure and form to all sites with one click. define unlimited tasks for your sites

You can store and digitally monitor all existing assets in all your sites, this significantly helps on easier preventive maintenance or upgrade.

It’s important that before your sites suffer an environmental or safety issue or caught by an ARA auditor you can simply perform an online environmental and safety audit for your desire site without visiting them. Get clarity of your franchisees task managements.

There are hundreds of forms and documents which need to keep in each site include MSDS for all hazardous products, hazardous chemical manifest, … .

In MyServo Brand Admin you can provide all these documents to your sites and instantly update them as required.

As soon as an injury or pollution get logged by one of your sites you would inform for further decision. these record would keep in the system as a part of the compulsory requirement by ARA.

It’s crucial to make sure all new PCBUs fully understand their legal obligations when they get on-board, change of ownership was always a lengthy and inefficient process, in MyServo platform with few click you’ll commence the change of ownership from the old owner to the new one, these historical report always are available on brand admin panel.

There are several one-off or periodical inspections required for every service stations includes but not limited to:

  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Backflow prevention
  • Electrical impedance
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Oily water separator
  • Vapour Recovery (V/R) test
  • Annual Fire Safety Statement
  • Air Compressor inspection

In MyServo Brand Admin panel you can access to all site’s inspection record and can request to perform an inspection.

You can access to all site’s dip reading and loss/gain monitoring results in a centralised platform.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How much it costs for the Brand/Franchisor

    This service is absolutely free for the brands and franchisors, there is NO subscription fee, license fee, annual fee, contact fee, the retainer fee or any other hidden fee to use this service.

    How long rollout time would take?

    We would run a change management plan for your sites to have a smooth onboarding process, our team can onboard up to 100 sites per week.

    Can I have it under my brand without MyServo branding?

    Yes, the white label solution is also available.

    Can I customize the platform?

    Unlike many other platforms which use predefined general forms or web template, MyServo is designed and developed from scratch for the petroleum compliance i and it’s fully customizable as per your requirements.

    Can it be integrated with my existing software?

    Yes, as MyServo built with one of the most advanced technology it can fully integrate with most commercial software and systems.

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