Petroleum Task Management

As a service station operator (PCBU) it’s your responsibility to make sure you and your staff performing daily, weekly, monthly, six monthly, annually¬† , pre-delivery and after major change tasks in a regular basis and keep record of them to present to auditors.

in MyServo we provide a simple to use platform which is also compatible on any mobile device include ipad, iphone, android,… to submit and keep record of these tasks, this option help service station owners also make sure their business running and maintaining smoothly.


ARA required tasks

Each state ARA may have different task requirement for environmental protection or safety at work, all these compulsory tasks already are available in MyServo Platform.

Brand required tasks

If you are operating under a fuel brand company (i.e: Metro, United, Caltex, Shell, Bp, 7Eleven ,...) you need to proof you are performing their requested tasks, each brand can have their own customized tasks for different period of time.

Task report and history

PCBU can generate their own task report on desired period, this can be for the purpose of internal or external audit.
Brand Admin also can generate task report for all or a group of sites, for a specific period.
As required by law task history are kept up to 7 years for audit purpose.

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